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We are new to NOVA!

We are a brand new company here in Northern Virginia. Cleaner Than Clean was founded in New York City. We work with some amazing clients and still operate there using a different DBA. We are excited about the opportunity to serve the NOVA Community! We are ready for your call!


Our goal here at Cleaner Than Clean is to set a new cleaning standard. Our CEO Kevin Pinzon has worked as a Director of Environmental Services for more than 10 years in NYC hospitals and help led his staff through the Covid-19 Pandemic. Now, he has cultivated new cleaning processes to put the old cleaning services to shame. We train our employees to work smarter by their practices as well as the products we use. We use Hospital grade products to elevate the productiveness of our service. This is why we are named Cleaner Than Clean. We have established ourselves as the new cleaning standard. Contact us for more details and a free walk-through!

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